..Wigan Dialect

A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

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Apologies for the use of expletives. This is to stay true to the way
that many people spoke around the area at that time.


Th'istry of Wiggin *
Story of Mabs Cross*
Blast from't Past
Canine Wishes *
Posh Visiters *
Shill'in for Cleeun'in *
Road ter Wiggin Pier *
Th'Unsworth Dragon *
Aspirations *
Worr a Palava at Bedtime *
Mi Kin
Wiggin Pie Contest *
A Nip in Th'air *
Three Brass Baws *
Yed ore Ears in Debt *
Faythers Day Eawt *
Miss'in th'owd Cock *
Tholidays *
Waash'in Mi Hair
Hard War'k
Womtime at Golstones
Gradely Meyt *
Nowty Lad *
Scithers,Combs un Pensuls
Likkle Jim *
Thonely Solution *
Goo'int Baths *
Visit'in Mi Gron *
El Toopay *
Conveners Address
Pick'in Coal *
Ceawnt Thi Blessins *
Jeffreys Catty *
Cowd Cure


The History of Wigan
Story of Mab's Cross
Blast from the Past
Canine Wishes
Posh Visitors
A Shilling for Cleaning
Road to Wigan Pier
The Unsworth Dragon
What a Palava at Bedtime
My Kin
Wigan Pie Contest
A Nip in the Air
Three Brass Balls
Head over Ears in Debt
Fathers day out
Missing the old Cock
The Holiday's
Washing my Hair
Hard Work
Hometime at Golstones
Good Food
Naughty Boy
Scissors, Combs and Pencils
Little Jim
The only Solution
Going to the Baths
Visiting my Gran
El To Pay ( Toupe )
Convenors Address
Picking Coal
Count your Bessings
Jeffrey's Catapult
Cold Cure

Wigan Dialect Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

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