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A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan Area.


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WW11 Poems
By K Lowe Oliver

Phrases & Sayings

Eaw fot speyk reet
There are many expressions in the Lancashire Dialect
that end with the word "tuh".
.ie - Ar'tuh …" Tha not goo'in Ar'tuh.".."
You're not going . Are you ?"
Wuz'tuh …" Tha wer'nt wi um, Wuz'tuh."..
" You was'nt with them, Was you ?"
Con'tuh … " Tha con do it, Con'tuh."..
" You can do it ,Can't you ?"
Wil'tuh … " Cotch owd er that, Wil'tuh."..
" Catch hold of that,Will you ?"
Duz'tuh… " Tha does'nt like it, Duz'tuh…
" You don't like it, Do you?"
As'tuh... " Tha's not done it agen...As'tuh?"
" You hav'nt done it again... Have you?"

Other words
Cor'nt….. Cannot.
Wain't….. Will not.
Maun't…. Must not.
Darn't….. Dare not.
Art'nt….. Are you not.
Will't….. Will you.

In the Lancashire dialect somehow "dd" becomes "gg"
Eg… He's ett'n miggle eawt un left or't theawtsides.
He has eaten the middle out and left all the outsides.

Mi yeds aw muggl't up.
My head is in a muddle.
Am beawn't bey a new moggle.
I am going to buy a new model.
Hers figglin't books.
She is fiddling the books.
Eaw't diggl'in.
How are you diddling ( how are you doing )
Tha't puggl't thee.
Your puddled you. ( your not so bright )
Stop thi meggl'in.
Stop your meddling. ( Don't play around with that )
Somehow double "TT" becomes "ck"
EG.. As't feckl't it.
Have you fettled it. ( Have you mended it )

Neaw seckle deawn.
Now settle down.

There are also numerous expressions that don't make sense .
.ie..Mothers expressions to children, that made a child wonder
if their mother had lost the plot.
" Does thaa know who tha talkin to?"
" Who dust think tha are?"
" Who dust think I am ?"
" As't seen er't back of thi ears?"
" Just tak a scen ert back of thi neck."
" Neaw ! Come on, Gerr off."
" Does tha know who I am."
" If tha faw's off yon war un breyks thi legs,
don't come runnin to me."




Local seyins.

" as't knock that smile on ter't tuther side er thi face"
" Don't thee threeup me eawt"…..
( don't you keep answering back )
" Who's let polly eawt er prison"….
( which one of you has broke wind )
Her's as feaw as a clog back
Her'd frick'n a police horse
She's not very good looking.
Her fa'yers a bulldog chewin a wa'sp.

Am powfagged un jigger't
I'm extremely exhausted .
Am clem't dee'uth
Mi bally thinks mi throats cut.
I'm very hungry
Aah could e'yt a scabby pig
Aah could e'yt a flock bed
Her's norr as far through as a kipper
She's rather thin
There's moo'er meyt on a butchers brat
Her's not maw'in beawt
She's got quite large ones.
Her con fradge till ceaws come wom
She can talk till the cows come home.
Yon mons as bent as an arubs dagger
That man is not very honest.
Her skens like a basket er whelks…
That ladies eyes meet in the middle.
Bat thisell abeawt a bit
Could you make yourself useful.
Tha't backerts thee
Your not very bright.
Tha't not backerts at com'in forr'erts
Your quite forward.
Tharr ars'in abeawt like a mon beawt legs
( your taking too much time.)
Yon babbies skraakin it's yed off
( the baby is crying.)
Wot yelpin at
( Why are you crying.)
I corn't keep mi een opp'n
( I can't stay awake.)
Win fawd eawt
( We are not speaking.)
As't mollycrush thi
( I will give you a beating.)
There's nowt spaa,lin….. ( It can wait.)
Tha's keck't it o'er
You have spilled it.
Tha's sheeded it
" Who are thy thee'in thee…
Si thee , Don't thee thee me thee.
" Tha's gett'n a face like a smacked arse"
" Geritt ett'n"
Would you eat it please.
" Her fotch't it aw back"
I'm afraid she's been sick.
Win bowt a six leet ark'nin device…..
We have got a wireless

Eawt goo'in on serry
How are you going on.
Am fain sithee
I'm glad to see you.
Ar'tor' reet
Are you well.
Neaw owd cock'er.. sit thi deawn
now old man.. sit yourself down.
Swant a brew
Would you care for a cup of tea.

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