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A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

Worr a Palava

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Worr a Palava

Worr a palava at bedtime.
Three grown ups folk un four childer.
Two double beds un one single
No wonder mi mam was bewilder't

Neaw mi nana her at likkle bed.
Un mi mam un mi dad had a double.
That left oney one moo'er fot childer.
Un that’s why we ad aw this trouble.

We tried aw roads fot sleep we some comfert.
Length ways un crossert's we'd lie.
There were elbows un legs aw ore't show
It were easy get poked in thi eye.

"Stop turn'in o'er" one er'd sheawt eawt.
"Gee us some blankit" skraahked another.
Get thi elbow eawt of mi back.
Gee o'er or aahm goo'int tell mother.

Aah remember't breawn papper we used have on't bed.
Fot cover us, instead of a sheet.
It were hard fot lapse into a really deep sleep.
Cos er't rustl'in in miggle er't neet.

When it geet cowd dur'int winter.
An owd army coat was a must.
Though one thing I never werk't eawt.
Why they never cut buttons off fust.

Aah remember one story from donkeys ears sin.
When we had a posh aunty come reawnd.
So mi mam geet us gether un said lissun here.
Aah don't waant yo mek'in a seawnd.

Neaw,we had'nt bin in bed moo'er than five or ten minutes.
They had barely start'id fot eyt.
When ar Raymund poked me in't miggle er't back.
Un of course we start'id fot feight.

"Mam…. Ar Raymunds pull't th'overcoat off of the bed"
Aah sheawted deawn, with no guilt.
"It's norr an overcoat"….. mi mam whispered back.
"Whilst we've cump'ny…We caw it a quilt"

Ten minutes went by ..we were feight'in agen.
Agen aah sheawts deawn with no guilt.
"Mam…will yo come up and give him a smack.
He's just pulled the sleeve off the quilt"

Wigan Dialect Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

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