..Wigan Dialect

A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

Visit'in Mi Gron

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Visit'in Mi Gron

I all'us visitid , set'day.
Fot do shopp'in for mi gron.
Platt waz wuz a lung way for chider.
On't trolly buz , from bird ith ond.

It seemed a lung way in them days.
When thar abeawt nine , er ten.
But two an a tanner wuz too much fot miss.
Tha could buy awsoats for thripp'nce back then.

Neaw I coud'nt abide peylin praytus.
As a chilt , it fair geet mi deawn.
But mi fayther , he said I at do it.
If I wa'ntid fot get orf a creawn.

Sumtimes ad stop theer ore neet.
It were beltin, come time fot gut bed.
Wid clamber upstairs wi a candle.
Which flickered on faythers bawd yed.

Wid aw av a pee in'tert jerry.
Wich was quickly shoved back under't bed.
Tha could smell it in't neet if tha wack'nd.
But nothin abeawt it was said.

Wid lie theer wit candle a flickrin.
Makin shadows un shapes aw oat war.
Un wid play at tryin't find faces.
On't damp patches that we aw saw.

When time come fot bi goo'in.
Mi gron said.. " joe , trait that lad ".
But mi fayther he all'us at plague mi.
Which used get mi gronmother mad.

He'd sit on a cheer , wi his back fac'int fire.
His braces were danglin ter't floo'er.
He'd say.. " jeffries , come poo mi finger.
Then fart un I'd run eawt er't doo'er.

He'd give me the money , I'd kiss im on't yed.
Mi gronmother see'd mi ter't doo'er.
I'd kiss her on't cheek , her'd give mi a hug.
I'd say.. " thanks , un I'll see yo some moo'er

Wigan Dialect Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

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