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A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

Th'Unsworth Dragon

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Th'Unsworth Dragon

In 1845 just eawtside Bury,
A likkle owd village stood.
The legend ses folk gett'n frickn'd.
Cos a dragon was maw'in abeawt in't wood.

Neaw't villagers aw geet together
Cos problum had gett'n reight dire.
So they sent off a message to London.
Fot ask for some help from this squire.

Squire Thomas Unsworth, was a local mon.
But for some reason wuz'nt abeawt.
So he travelled up north on his charger.
Wi't th'intentions of sort'in this eawt.

He were towd of this fearsome dragon.
Plagu'in aw't Th'unsworth's land.
Un be'in a recognised warrior.
Thowt he'd go up and gee um an hand.

He tackled this here dragon.
Us'in aw't tricks tharr he knew.
But at fust he could'nt mester it.
Un did'nt know worr else fot do.


He gett'n a reight gradely notion.
Fot send this owd dragon to hell.
He took eawt his favorite dagger
And fitted it into his petronel.

Owd'in that gun close to his chest
Then anger'in that dragon… it's said.
Thomas shot in't throat wi that dagger.
The minnit it lifted it's yed.

Neaw with that same dagger,a table wuz carved.
Which apparantly still con be see'd.
Alung wi a few other relics
Fo't commemorate this fearless deed.

Neaw if yo gut Unsworth this village of note.
Un yo ever feel like a flaggon.
Look for the pub in the village.
The pub they named after "The Dragon "

Wigan Dialect Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

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