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A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

Th'istry of Wiggin

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Th'istry of Wiggin

Wiggins bin ere a reight good while.
Abeawt 2000 ere or so.
Thowd name of Wiggin wuz Coccium.
A name not mony folk know.

Th'origin of Wiggins a mystery.
Though we know that Romans were ere.
Cos when thiv bin digging a few holes in't road.
Thiv font a few things ere un theer.

Th'istry's a bit muggy arreawn't miggle ages.
Un't writins are not very thorough.
But we do know some time abeawt 1246
King Henry he made it a Borough.

Neaw Wiggin, this new Royal Borough
A Proud Teawn of eawses un farms.
Reflected it's status laahk other big teawns
Un gett'n it's own coat of arms

Dur'in Civil war Teawn wuz royalist.
Support of King Charles a matter of course.
Commander er't forces, the then Earl of Derby
Made Wiggin th'eadquarters er't force

Neaw.. Parliamentry forces of Bowt'n.
Captured Wiggin un looted through't teawn.
Demolish'in fortifications.
Which simply means wars were knocked deawn.

Cromwell hisell headed troops.
In 1648.
Un went into battle at Standish.
Which turned into a nasty greyt feight.

On't banks of't River Douglas.
Shed blood would leave it's stain.
It entered the local folklore.
As the Battle of Wiggin Lane.

The Earl of Derby, James Stanley.
Notoriously known as Lord Strange
Was Arrested and convicted of treason.
An execution was quickly arranged.

His death it occurred in Bowt'n
Eawtside of the pub Man & Scythe
Theres a plaque that still marks the spot where he dee'd.
The place wee'r he ended his life.

Wiggin also witnessed the very last act.
In th'istory of the Stuart cause.
When Bonny Prince Charlie after lois'in at Derby.
In Hallgate he stopped for a pause.

Century after century as time went on.
Wiggin grew some moo'er.
Th'industrial Revolution ,
The teawn an opp'n doo'er.

Canals & Pits and factries
Springin up reawnd here.
A teawn that's full of humour.
Wi it's famous Wiggin Pier.

Many famous folk and things.
Has put Wiggin on the map.
Like Orwell, Formby & Randell.
And of course the owd flat cap.

Rugby League & Footbaw
Barges filled wi coal.
The Verve and Wiggin Casino.
Th' heart of Northern Soul.

Wiggin a thriv'in werk'in teawn.
Yo only af't oppn your eyes.
A teawn thats known for awsoats.
Not just pratuh pies.

Wigan Dialect Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

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