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A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

Posh Visiters

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Posh Visiters

"Were goo'int av cump'ny today
Neaw a wa'ant yo do what yo towd
I don't wa'ant yo manki'in abeawt
Burr I wa'ant yo be as good as gowd".

Aunty Winney it wuz uz wuz com'in
The one whose eye all'us flickers
Everyone thowt her wuz posh
I reckon it's fur coat, un no nickers

Neaw,we ad'nt much jackbit in't pantry
So mi mam made a plate praytuh pie
"Ickle be awreet", her said, "wi some carrots"
"That er'd be grand" answered I.

"For afters we'll have jelly un custer't"
Her said wi her best'ist posh voice
"Un av made a nice sing'in lily
So that Winney has gett'n a choice".

I said, "Mam it's like hav'in a party"
Un it did look a reet gradely pie
"Aah, well that’s goo'int cause us a problem"
Her had this sly look in her eye

"There wain't be enough pie for aw of us,
Cause that’s aw jackbit win gett'n.
So Jeffrey, when I ask if tha wa,ants some
Say no'w tha nor hungry, tha's ett'n".

Anyroad.. Visitors sat deawn for dinner.
Un then the pie was fotched eawt
I wuz aggrovated dee'uth
Cos I knew I wuz goo'int go beawt.

"Would you like some pie, our Jeffrey,
You know it's your favorite" she said.
"No Mam I'm not feeling hungry"
When really, I could have ett'n a flock bed.

I sat theer while everyone ett'n
Think'in of nowt but the sweet
A greyt bowl of jelly un custert
That surely would make things awreet.

" Con I have some Jelly un custert , Mam"
I asked with a glint in mi eye.
"No…you can't" was the answer.
"You would'nt eat any of the pie"

Wigan Dialect Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

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