Wigan Dialect

Jeff Unsworth

My Kin




Here's my great grandad, Thomas.

Nice old man, he was

Had'nt an hair on his head.

And yet had a face full of fuzz.

He abided in Flora St, Ashton.

Born 1863

Got wed to a girl called Eliza

Then started their family.

Here's great grandma, Eliza.

A dressmaker but it has to be said.

As a girl she never had schooling.

She had to sign an X when she wed.

1883 they got married.

And Eliza continued to sew.

As usual they had lots of children.

One of them, they christened him Joe.

Joe turned out be my grandfather.

A coalminer that worked the coal face

Loved his flat cap and tobacco.

It was him that was married to Ace

This is Esther my grandmother,

My grandfather, he called her "Ace"

A typical Darby and Joan they were

They even worked at same place.

1918 they got married.

Starting a family proved slow.

Six children they had, five of them died.

The only survivor was Joe.

He too turned out to be a pit man.

Down the Maypole pit, he made a start.

Just like most miners, Joe liked a pint.

And its said he could throw a good dart.

My dad married my mam who was Ellen.

A girl that lived in the same street

Here's a photo of Ellen

It's the only good picture I've got. (geet)

1926 they got married.

They were married for 33 years.

Ellen turned out to be a welder.

And then an auxiliary nurse.

Four lovely children had Ellen and Joe.

Especially the child, number three.

A nice little boy they called Jeffrey.

And Jeffrey turned out to be me.

Now here's me as a little boy.

In 1953.

A lot of waters gone under the bridge

Since 1863


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