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A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

Mi Kin


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Mi Kin

Ere's mi greyt grandad, Thomas.
Gradely owd fettler e wuz.
Ad'nt an hair on his yed.
Un yet ad a face full er fuzz.

He abided in Flora St, Ashton.
Born 1863
Gett'n wed to a wench cawd Eliza
Then startid their family.

Ere's greyt grandma, Eliza.
A dressmaker but it has for be said.
As a wench her neyer ad school'in.
Her at sign an X when her wed.

1883 they geet married.
Un Eliza continued fot sew.
As usual they had lots er childer
One of um, they christened him Joe.

Joe turned eawt bi mi grandfayther.
A coalminer us warked on't coal face
Loved his flat cap un his baccow.
It wuz him us wuz married to Ace

This is Esther mi grandmother,
Mi grandfayther, he cawd her "Ace"
A typical Darby un Joan they were
They even warked at same place.

1918 they geet wed.
Start'in a family proved slow.
Six childer they had, five of um dee'd
Thonely survivor was Joe.

He too turned eawt be a pitmon.
Deawn Maypole, He made a start.
Just like moo'ist miners, Joe liked a pint
Un its said he could throw a good dart.

Mi dad married mi mam who wuz Ellen.
A wench us lived in't same street
Ere's a photo of Ellen
It's thonely good picture av geet.

1926 they gett'n married.
They were wed for 33 years.
Ellen turned eawt be a welder.
Un then an auxilary nurse.

Four bonney Childer had Ellen and Joe
Especially chile't number three.
A nice likkle lad they cawd Jeffrey.
And Jeffrey turned eawt fot be me.



Neaw ere's me as a likkle lad.
In 1953.
A lorr er waaters gone under't bridge
Since 1863

Winner ( Humourous Section )
Leigh Dialect Competition 1995

Red Rose Radio Interview

Abraham Guest School Dialect Competition Award


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