..Wigan Dialect

A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

Mi oney Luv


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Mi oney Luv

As aah gazed at her, mi heart fluttered.
She wuz nicest thing aah'd seen.
Slinky black body, glean'in in't leet.
Colour of ebony, un a reight smash'in sheen.

Aah wuz appy just fot stond theer.
Such beauty fot be'owd.
But the seet it wuz too much fot bear.
Mi long'in made mi bowd.

Aah stroked her genkly, it felt reight good.
As though she'd wait'id for mi touch.
Aah hangled her so tenderly.
Aah waant'id her that much.

Aah meawnt'id her reight slowly.
Her wuz defnitly made for me.
Aah at fot push reet button.
That would shoo'erly set us free.

Aah felt her't move beneath mi.
Just the road aah laahk.
Un then aah let the clutch eawt
Un rode off on mi bike.

Wigan Dialect Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

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