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A Collection of Lancashire Dialect Poems, Photographs, Phrases & Sayings from around the Wigan area. By Jeff Unsworth

Faythers Day Eawt

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Faythers Day Eawt

" Eeh , owd cock, tha looks smart in yon jackit.
Them britches thi fit thi reet weel.
Just wait till tha's geet thi new cap on,
That collar, eaw does it feel ?"

Come here, al tuck thi shart lap in.
Un them draws tha's geet on , are they clen ?
Un dust know that thi flies on thi pants are undone
But tha'l at butt'n them up thi sen.

I ope tha's purr a clen vest on.
Un on thi shart tail there's nowt breawn.
Cos I don't want thi shamin mi dee'uth.
Cos remember, tha could get knocked deawn.

Neaw fass'un thi waistcoat top butt'n.
Al get thi a snotrag thats clee'un.
Un heres thi pipe un thi bacc'ow
Un theers thi specs un gowd chee'un.

They'l be waitin eawtside ert King Billy.
Hurry up Joe, tha'l at fot be doin.
If tha not theer on time, they'l go beawt thi.
So pick up thi brass un get goo'in.

Neaw when yo get seawthpoo'ut, tak notice.
Weer charabang driver is parkin.
Un mek sure tha theer in plenty of time.
Else they'l leave thi, thal find thi sell warkin.

Neaw I know that yo'l av plenty ale.
Un last yer tha could'nt stond up.
Un tuthers thi at fotch thi wom.
On aceawnt of awt thale that thad supped.

Un when tha gets wom ,Thee be quiet.
I don't want thi mek'in a peep.
Un don't thee bi wack'nin childer.
If their wack'nt ast not gerr um sleep.

Neaw , when tha gets up in't morn mornin.
Gut lavvy afoor tha comes up.
Cos I don't want thi pee'in in't wardrobe.
Like tha's done when tha's ad too much sup.

So, get gone un av a good time.
I know that tha will, there's no deawt.
But mek sure owd lad, tha looks after thi sel.
Un I ope tha enjoys thi day eawt.

Wigan Dialect Copyright © 1998 Jeff Unsworth

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